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On this site, you will find a weekly blog where no subject is off limits. We will obviously talk sports, but also issues of modern culture, movies, television, politics, current events, and food. Yes, I am a foodie. One of my great hobbies is cooking, a tradition in which I have engaged from the days when I used to sit and roll gnocchi’s for hours with my grandmother. I will reveal simple some simple kitchen secrets, some recipes and how any guy with seven thumbs can still create a great meal for his family.

And after a great meal, I’ll tell you how to kick back with maybe a glass of Averna, or good sipping bourbon, and a quality cigar.

There is nothing that stirs opinion like an NFL draft, especially when it comes to the Philadelphia Eagles, whose chief picker, Howie Roseman, has been in a terrible slump. How did he do this year? Well, no draft can truly be evaluated with a legitimate grade until we actually see the chosen play NFL football. In that way it is foolish to label a draft with a grade. Did the Eagles wow me with the players they took? Not really. So at best, I’d give the Birds’ draft a B.

I loved DaVonta Smith. I was on the record on my radio show for the last few weeks that if the Eagles had stayed at 12, unless Justin Fields was somehow still available, I would have taken Smith over the cornerback we all thought would be there at 12, Jaycee Horn of South Carolina. Roseman showed that he was not interested in Fields (the quarterback factory is temporarily shut down), but he did make a very slick move trading down with the Dallas Cowboys to get Smith. (I did wonder why the Cowboys would be willing to give the Eagles a quality player who might haunt them in the division for the next several years and who most definitely would have been taken by the New York Giants with the next pick. Could it be that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones fears the Giants more than the Eagles right now? Just asking.)

So now we get to Landon Dickerson.

Yes, like you, I saw the same road grading style with which Dickerson plays. He is a ferocious monster who likes to bury defensive people. If he is healthy. You see, you cannot tell how a drafted player will actually pan out in the NFL. But you CAN evaluate data, like injury problems, that might scare you away from a player. Dickerson scares me. The Alabama center had four surgeries that ended college seasons, two of the ACL reconstructions. I wonder aloud this: an offensive lineman must play with intense torque on his legs, especially the knees and ankles. If Dickerson had his limbs blow apart against college competition, can he be long for the tonnage he is going to have to push around in the NFL?

For some reason, the Eagles seem allergic to the second round of an NFL draft. If I am a general manager, I need to get a STARTER out of my second round. And so, we wade through the Sidney Joneses, and the JJ Arcega-Whitesides, and the Jalen Hurts’ (it’s a puff of mystical smoke how he ended up as the starting quarterback in 2021), and now Dickerson. This kid most likely WON’T play this year, so no help there. And when he does play…

Anyway, check back with me on that. In the meantime, thanks for coming to Mikemiss.com. Stay with us here. We’re going to have a blast.-30-

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