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Released every Friday on YouTube. Mike wraps up the week with insightful commenting & intelligent analysis in all things sports & life. Special Segments include: SOUND OFF (Listeners e-mail their thoughts of the week with Mike responding); QUIRKY STORY OF THE WEEK (Mike riffs off something unusual that happened during the week); WHAT'S BUGGIN MIKE (Mike talks about something that really bugs him); LOCAL SPORTS SPOTLIGHT (Mike scans the region for a local sports standout story of the week - viewers also send in nominations)
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Featured Segments:

Episode 20:  Hot Topics:  Phils-Braves outlook; Eagles-Rams preview; Sixers in training camp (Harden’s there, but why does he have to “ramp up?”); What’s Buggin Mike:  Yearly misguided optimism for Ben Simmons; Quirky story of the week:  Sixers made the pilgrimage to talk to Deion Sanders. What is he, the Dalai Lama?

Episode 19:  Hot Topics: Phils playoff preview; What’s Buggin Mike: Why are the playoffs formats called what they are & What Italian golf fans yell?; Quirky Store of the Week: Bryce Harper’s temper; Curse of the 5ft alligator 

Episode 18: Hot Topics: Eagles/Bucs preview; Phil’s and Braves dynamic; What’s Buggin Mike: Fetterman’s wardrobe;  Quirky Story of the Week: Holly Sonders attacking me on Twitter this week

Episode 17:  Hot Topics: Eagles recap and what’s up with Jalen Hurts; What’s Buggin Mike: Danelo Cavalcante capture; Quirky Story of the Week: Jingoism with the upcoming USA basketball team in the Paris Olympics; Details on how you can win some Mike Miss swag with a simple e-mail

Episode 16: Hot Topic: Eagles to win 12 games, but it will be a tussle on Sunday; What’s Buggin Mike: Russian tennis player stigma at US Open; Quirky Story of Week: Should nationals ask for a discount with Stephen Strasberg?; Sound off contest

Episode 15:  Hot Topics: Is Bryce Harper the most beloved Philly athlete ever?; What’s Buggin Mike: Nick Saban is a rat; Quirky Story of Week: John Isner got a goodbye ceremony after he won his match at US Open?; Sound off contest

Episode 13:  Hot Topics: Harden (throwing out his “liar, liar pants on fire” to Morey); Whether the MLS is deferring to Messi; What’s Buggin Mike: Tourists stepping into the Trevi Fountain!; Quirky Story of Week: Where was Lenny Dykstra during Phils alumni weekend?; Sound Off: Promo 

Episode 12: Hot Topic: Michael Lorenzen (Ramifications of his no hitter); What’s Buggin Mike: Are people complaining about airplane banners at the shore?; Quirky story of Week: Davonte smith going to the sentencing of Henry Ruggs; Sound Off: Latest winner

MikeMiss Speaks Weekly Sports Video Blog (QuickHits)Mike’s quick takes on specific topics:  Trea Turner (why he doesn’t need a standing ovation to “encourage” him; Eagles (training camp, which is now a boring story since they are so good)

Episode 11: Hot Topic: Eagles season preview; What’s Buggin Mike: Why does it take SO long for the US Women’s soccer team to play GAMES! It’s like one a week! & Golf cheaters; Quirky Story of the Week: Tom Brady hooking up with another foreign model? & Scoreboard operator at Colorado Rockies stadium poked the Red Elly de la Cruz; Sound off contest

Episode 10: Hot Topics: Embiid passive aggressive remarks about maybe winning a championship somewhere else; Eagles training camp next week: where do they stand? What’s Buggin Mike: (Steph curry);  Quirky story of the week: Now that Josh Harris owns the NFL team, how much could he really care about the Sixers?

Episode 9: Hot Topics: Phillies prospects in second half of season; harden holding fast about wanting to be traded to Clippers; What’s Buggin Mike: LeBron James pretentiousness;
Quirky story of week: Suggestion of Arenado being traded to Phils which would definitely cost them Bohm; Woman tried to smuggle snakes into china by stuffing them in her bra. 

Episode 8: Hot Topic: Sixers Trading Maxey for Lillard; What’s Buggin Mike:(fireworks); Quirky story of the week: Britney Spears grabbing Victor Wembanyama in a Vegas restaurant; Sound Off: contest & winner

Episode 7: Hot Topic: Sixers & James Harden; What’s Buggin Mike: Ben Simmons; Quirky Story of the week: FOX Sports Sara Walsh rips golf – “It takes you 90 minutes to shoot 6 over through the first 6 holes; Sound Off

Episode 6: Hot Topics: Phils/Braves series;  NBA/Sixers Draft; Derek Lively; College Baseball/World Series; What’s Buggin Mike: ESPN NBA draft coverage; Quirky Story of the Week: Bowler at Steven F. Austin University

Episode 5: Hot Topics: Phillies; Sixers; NBA Draft; What’s Buggin Mike: Flyers new brass strategy; Quirky Story of the Week: Roger Clemons / Airline Passenger; Sound Off: returns intro

Episode 4: Hot Topics: In-depth view on the PGA/LIV merger; Phillies winning streak; Sixers & James Harden

Episode 3: Hot Topics: Sixers hiring of Nick Nurse; Phillies (Do they have it or not this season); NBA (Celtics/Heat series); LeBron James feeling “disrespected”?

Episode 2: Hot Topics: NBA (Analyses of Heat/Nuggets series); Phillies/Diamondbacks series (turnaround season game? & road ahead); PGA Championship

Episode 1: Hot Topics: Sixers early playoff exit (again) – In-depth look ahead for the team